Hard Times of RJ Berger: Help the geek get the girl in this Facebook advergame

hard times of RJ berger game
There's a universal truth about the American High School Experience -- it's likely to either be the best time of your life or the worst. Nothing serves as a more painful reminder than the umpteen movie/TV shows starring a geek trying to win the heart of the hottest girl in school.

That's also the basic premise of the upcoming MTV comedy 'Hard Times of RJ Berger,' and the Facebook advergame with the same name. The game, which launches today, offers a sneak peek at what's in store for RJ -- the pale, bespectacled geek (and main character in the show) -- including lots of awkward moments, bathroom humor and references to RJ's biggest asset, which is not his brain, but the other thing, you know, down there.

rj berger avoidance game -- fail!

The goal of the 'Hard Times' game is to help RJ say the right thing to win over his dream girl. That's done by playing a fairly simply puzzle game where you link together icons related to the conversation. Link together all of the 'good' images, RJ will perform like a champ. Accidentally link to a 'bad' image, RJ will throw in some off-putting geek reference, sexual innuendo or kill the moment by tossing his cookies (due to thinking about his parents having sex, which apparently happens often in the TV show). The better RJ's convos go, the more points he scores, which can be posted on an online leaderboard.

rj berger

Once you've mastered this puzzler, you can try your hand at creating your own. Start by picking two characters, create a conversation and populate the puzzle game with icons that match the convo, then hit play to put it into action. The whole thing is a drag and drop affair-- the biggest challenge will be writing your own witty dialogue. Once complete -- send your DIY game to other friends on Facebook.

rj berger build your own mini-game

For any FarmVille fanatics reading this -- don't expect RJ Berger to take the place of your beloved farm game. This is an advergame, after all. But it's a fairly effective one, at that, and we predict you'll spend about 10 minutes tinkering with 'Hard Times,' just enough to remind you to tune in when the show airs on June 6.

Note: The online version of this just went live, the Facebook version will be up later today, says an MTV rep.

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