Happy Aquarium Limited Edition sea critters and one denizen make their return

Happy Aquarium Limited Edition store: Chompers, Zemo, Muriel, the Cinco de Mayo fish, and Jawsephina
Feeling like their stars deserved a sequel, Happy Aquarium has temporarily brought back five previously Limited Edition characters for sale. And I say "temporarily", because they'll only be around while supplies last. Thankfully, Crowdstar didn't decide to jack up the price in their item resurrection, though it's something they do with Idols. You can find these old special items in the revamped in-game store under "Limited", which is now the first window you see.

Click on the following names for posts of these characters' original debuts: Chompers, Zemo (via Facebook), Muriel (via Facebook), the Cinco de Mayo fish, and Jawsephina the Pink Shark.
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