Google's Pac-Man game doodle gets a permanent home(page)

Pac-Man on Google is here to stay
Pac-Man on Google is here to stay

As you may know by now, Google's first interactive game "doodle" (its name for all those pretty logos that users see on came out over the weekend, on May 22th, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man. The doodle proved so popular that Google chose to keep it up beyond the usual 24-hr period, extending the doodle's life for a second day. Then, yesterday, Google announced (via the AFP) that it was giving the doodle its own permanent homepage.

And now, you can play to your heart's content at But you don't have to play alone! Many players have discovered that if you click the "Insert Coin" button twice (it's where the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button is normally located), Ms. Pac Man will appear, then two people can play on the same keyboard!

To control Ms. Pac-Man, use the keyboard letters W, A, S, and D. These correspond to Up, Left, Down, and Right, respectively.