Gay grads ready themselves for the working world

gay grads find nobody cares about their sexual orientation
gay grads find nobody cares about their sexual orientation

George Scaravelli received a daunting task during his recent internship at Tribune Interactive, one of the largest multimedia corporations in Chicago.

In between assisting his boss and restocking the vending machines, Scaravelli, 22, was at the helm of a national contest called "New Year, New You." Applicants had to tell in 150 words or less why they should win $10,000 in 2010 in order to better their lives. Along with three other interns, Scaravelli read through a third of the nearly 40,000 applications.

And in the end, one of his top finalists made it to the final selection process to win the prize. The winning submission came from Christine Barron, an infertile woman from Frieden, Pa. She began the process to adopt one child, but discovered the child had three siblings who also did not have stable homes. Therefore, Barron and her husband decided to adopt all of the siblings, allowing them to have the large family they always wanted.