FarmVille's new 'Baled Out' ribbons -- the easiest achievement yet?

farmville baled out blue ribbon

FarmVille introduced a brand new achievement for goal-oriented farmers -- the new 'Baled Out' Ribbon, and we think this is one of the easiest ribbons to earn yet. To score all four ribbons, you need to have 250 hay bales on your farm at one time. Your existing supply of hay bales count toward the total, so you may wake up this morning and find you've already earned all four ribbons. Doesn't get easier than that!

FarmVille 'Baled Out' ribbon achievement
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FarmVille's new 'Baled Out' ribbons -- the easiest achievement yet?

farmville hay bales in store

If you haven't hit the hay in FarmVille yet, then just follow this pro tip: Visit the in-game Market and buy 250 bales, place them on your farm to earn all four ribbons, and then delete when you're finished.

The cheapest way to do this is buy the plain, tan hay bales, which cost 100 coins each, so you'll spend 25,000 coins to get all four ribbons. Afterwards, you'll earn 18,000 coins back well as 1,375 XP. There's also star-shaped hay and a round bale of hay available as free gifts, so you can also lobby to have your friends start sending you what you need to meet these new ribbon requirements. Either way, it's not that huge of an investment, so what the hay -- go ahead and kick off a productive day on the farm.
farmville hay bales needed for blue ribbon

See the requirements and rewards for each 'Baled Out' ribbon below.

farmville baled out ribbons earned

Yellow Ribbon
Need: 5 Hay Bales
Reward: 25 XP, 500 coins

White Ribbon
Need: 50 Hay Bales
Reward: 100 XP, 2,500 coins

Red Ribbon
Need: 100 Hay Bales
Reward: 250 XP, 5,000 coins

Blue Ribbon
Need: 250 Hay Bales
Reward: 1,000 XP, 10,000 coins

Did you find this ribbon achievement especially easy to earn?
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