Beverly Hills Insider: Jewelry Store Owner Tania Tubul

Growing up in Santa Monica made Tania Tubul familiar with all of Los Angeles. Now, as a wife and mother of five children -- with three under 16 months! -- she tells us why Beverly Hills is the perfect place for her brood to call home.

As a jewelry store owner and designer she enjoys the nature in her area, but throw in a good Moroccan place and coffee and she is set.

Name, Age, Occupation: Tania Tubul, 36. Mother of five (including 15-month-old twins and a 3 month old), wife and jewelry shop owner.

Neighborhood: Beverly Hills, Calif.

Abode: 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse.

How long have you lived in your neighborhood? Two years.

What do you like most about your neighborhood? The cleanliness. That and I wanted my daughter (the oldest) to go to a good school.

Best kept secret in your neighborhood?

Roxbury Park. You get to see people taking strolls on Sundays. It's a clean, green open space with lots of children playing. Oh, and another thing that's great is you can barbecue. How much fun is that?!

There is also a yummy Moroccan restaurant gem. It's got these great lights and couches and has a really cozy feel. Would I like to try their lamb chops right now? Yeah, on the double! (Laughing.) With all the babies though, I don't get out much.

What's your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night in your neighborhood?
I work all day and then sometimes I like to go up to Sunset and have a coffee at Aroma Cafe. I don't get out much and when I do it's nice to go a bit farther than usual... like 10 blocks past Beverly Hills! But still it's out. Other than that, I usually come home from the store and hang with the kids and the hubby. It really is great, even though it sounds dull.

Having five kids -- with 3 under 18 months -- keeps you plenty busy. But you also have a jewelry store?
Yes! Our jewelry store is in Westfield Santa Anita Mall, about 30 minutes from our home. Our jewelry is one-of-its-kind. We import Israel's finest jewelry. All sterling silver with authentic stones -- handmade. We have about three or four thousand pieces of jewelry and I chose every single piece that's in my store. I also choose and design specific stones for each piece as well.

I believe in onyx; it's a healing stone. Some people believe that the blackness is to protect you from bad spirits. I carry lots of onyx, lots of pearls and also opals, garnet, jade amethyst, citrine and gold. There are so many beautiful stones! We are also carrying a line that's very "Sex and the City 2"-inspired. Our prices range from $27 on up and every month I am bringing more stuff. I used to play with my mom's jewelry box as a kid and now I have a sea of jewelry, I love it!

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