Best Places to Work for College Grads

You've put the cap and gown away, you have the diploma in hand, and now you are asking yourself, "Where's a great place to get a job?"

In today's economy, when a lot of recent grads are just hoping to find a job, that may seem like an unrealistic question. But it doesn't have to be.

The job and career advice website has just issued its annual Best Places to Work For Recent College Grads report. The report looks at hundreds of employers from around the country and then ranks the top 20 based on criteria ranging from new employee retention to employee training and promotion programs within the companies.

And, the best part of the survey is that the companies on the list are also looking for employees.

The list also gives you an idea of what types of industries are looking to hire. Technology, manufacturing, and finance companies dominate the list.

The largest company on the list is Accenture, a technology and consulting company with offices around the world. Here is how described why the company made its list:

Accenture takes training and development seriously. How serious? In 2009, they spent $800 million in training, resulting in approximately 67 training hours per employee. Recent grads starting at this organization will grow professionally, and get to work for a company that understands a healthy work-life balance. There are also opportunities to make an impact in the community through volunteer efforts.

The company says it plans on hiring nearly 1,200 recent college grads this year.

While many of the companies are looking for people with business, engineering, and technology degrees, some companies are looking for grads with other backgrounds. Target made the list this year; among the skills they are looking for are people with marketing and management degrees. The company says it is planning to hire 2,200 recent grads this year.

So, if you are on the hunt for that first job, dust off the resume and check out these companies that say they are looking for qualified grads to add to their ranks.

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