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From small-scale grills, to compact kitchens, to two-wheel transportation, it's been a week of thinking small here on RentedSpaces. Read on to see what else was hot this week.

Renter's Guide to Grills
Why should people with huge backyards get to have all the grilling fun? Take a look at some compact grilling systems that let you barbecue in small (even indoor!) spaces. Read more.

Housing Crisis Breeds a New Generation of Squatters
Sure, the mortgage crisis was arguably Big Banking's fault to begin with, but is the new breed of squatter in the right to help themselves to foreclosed property? Read more.

Buying Art on a College Grad's Budget
Don't let your college diploma be the only item hanging on your walls -- this roundup of reasonably-priced art will help you decorate without defaulting on your student loans. Read more.

Playful Design for Your Kids
From a fresh take on the little red wagon, to a tree-shaped bookshelf, there are some innovative things happening in kids' design today -- but not on a piggybank budget! Read more.

Ace of Space: Kitchen Essentials
The Ace of Space chimes in with a few simple ideas to downsize your kitchen equipment to the bare necessities -- why have service for 12, when you only have seating for four?! Read more.

Bike-Friendly Cities' Innovative Tactics
See how major cities are making the roadways safer for cyclists. Don't miss Denver's innovative program, which provides citizens with access to a network of 500 shared bicycles. Read more.
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