Treetopia powers up your village with charms

Treetopia Charm of Time
Treetopia Charm of Time

Playdom's latest effort, Treetopia, is still new enough that it doesn't feel like all of the features are 100% completed yet. Its developers have an advantage though, because they have so many other successful games that they can transfer knowledge from. In similar fashion to Tiki Farm and Tiki Resort, Treetopia now has charms.

The Charm of Time is available from the in-game shop, and costs 250 beads. Beads are the earnable currency, and they seem to come very quickly in Treetopia. This charm will reduce the collect time on a building by 10%. That's not much, but we're sure bigger and better charms will be coming. The other new charm can only be obtained as a free gift. The Charm of Riches is a level 1 gift that gives you double resources for every villager who visits that building.

To apply charms, simply use them from your storage and click on any building in your village to apply the charm to it. This is a nice addition to Treetopia, but we're sure these charms won't remain cheap and free as they start releasing more effective ones.

Have you been playing Treetopia? What do you think of the game so far?