Social City's weekly real estate sale: Hedge Maze, Arcade, and Solar Home

Social City's Hedge Maze, Arcade, and Solar Home
Social City's Hedge Maze, Arcade, and Solar Home

Three new premium-priced Social City buildings are now up for City Bucks while supplies last -- two leisure buildings and one residential. These are Hedge Maze (48 CB), Video Game Arcade (39 CB), and Solar Home 1 (19 CB).

The Hedge Maze, sporting a cherry blossom tree in the center, would make a great centerpiece to the giftable Sakura Paths, if they were still available. There's no build time and it instantly grants you 591 XP and +22,000 Happiness Points. At 48 City Bucks, it's also the most expensive of this bunch; its cost rounding up to about $9 USD.

The Arcade is sports a cute Pac-Man trim on its exterior, and sports the name "Space" with some Space Invader aliens arched over its sign. XP gain is 441, build time is one minute, and +15,000 Happiness Points. You'll also earn 3,000 Coins for every 20 hours, but you'll have to remember to collect it yourself.

And lastly, for the skimpy Solar Home 1, the build time is also one minute, but it's got an impressive +1,200 Population. But if you wait out until Level 17, the High Rise Luxury Apartment can do +1,000 Population and grant you 800 XP compared to the Solar Home's measly 172. And all without you having to spend your City Bucks.