80% off gift certificates Weekly Promo Offer 300 x 250Get 80% off gift certificates at -- one of its biggest sales this month -- using coupon code FLAG. normally sells a $25 gift certificate for $10, so the 80% off coupon code makes each cert $2. Click on the image at right to get this deal. Expires Monday, May 31, 2010.

Seems like a $25 cert for $2 would save you a bundle, right? But gift certificates from come with a lot of redemption rules, like spending a certain amount above and beyond the certificate. Let's crunch the numbers and see how much we will save.

$40 food bill costs you $15 after the certificate knocks off $25
$25 certificate costs you $2
8% tax on a $40 food tab is $3.20
15% tip on a $40 bill is $6

$15 + $2 + $3.20 + 6 = $26.20. The $40 dinner ends up costing you $26.20, which is a 35% discount. Not too shabby! If you order alcohol, the discount drops because booze, like tax and tip, is not included.

Buying a certificate benefits WalletPop.
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