Ice Age in Zoo Paradise brings new animals and Mystery Ice


Zoo Paradise gave us all a late Friday night feature with a surprise release of a couple new Ice Age themed animals, and a new Mystery Ice block. This new feature works exactly the same as the Mystery Net that we saw last week, in that an animal is trapped inside and you need a certain amount of people to click on your wall post to help you unlock the animal. The buiggest difference is that it now requires 8 clicks (referred to as Heat Waves) to free the animal, compared with the previous number of four for the Mystery Net. If you don't have enough friends to help you out, you can actually pay 500 Facebook Credits to instantly open up the ice block and free your new pet. This is random of course, so you may not get the animal that you want. You have three days to melt the ice before this feature will go away for good.

There are also many new Ice Age animals and decorations available in the shop. Continue reading for pictures and the full list of available items.

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