Happy Aquarium debuts set of Persian items

Happy Aquarium Persian theme
Happy Aquarium Persian theme

Happy Aquarium has just released a small set of Persian decorations, just in time for the new Prince of Persia movie to come out. There are stationary decorations, wallpapers, limited quantity special items, and even a Persian princess. This is a fairly original idea for a theme - we wonder if other games will catch on and release Persian items in time for the Prince of Persia movie. Here is a peek at what you can now find in the Happy Aquarium store:

Flying Carpet - 30 Facebook Credits (33,000 left)
Princess Jessie - 66 Facebook Credits (44,500 left)
Persian Date Palm - 15 Facebook Credits
Persian Scimitar - 85 coins
Persian Basket - 90 coins
Persian Vase - 95 coins
Bob the Persian - 120 coins
Persian Castle - 750 coins
Persian Cat - 120 coins
Arabian Nights (wallpaper) - 30 Facebook Credits

These items should make a really neat aquarium, and the Arabian Nights wallpaper is one of the better looking wallpapers to date. Will you be buying any of these Persian items in Happy Aquarium?