Chicago Rental: Lincoln Park Chalet-Style 3BR, $2,500

Rent a Lincoln Park Duplex for $2,500A contrast to the brick rowhouses and brownstones often found in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, the facade of this three-bedroom apartment resembles a cottage from a remote European town. Inside, the charm of the chalet-style rental repeats throughout, with three fireplaces, marble bathrooms, hardwood floors, wood banisters, and a black-and-white tiled kitchen.

Living the Euro-life in Lincoln Park will run you $2,500, which according to apartment search firm Chicago Apartment Finders is right on target with rent for three-bedrooms in this area. (The average is $2,550). And while many people often find that vintage apartments with more character have less conveniences, that's not the case with this sweet rental....
...especially when it comes to the parking situation. This lease comes with the option to pay $150 per month for access to a two-car garage. Usually, renters are lucky to get a single spot.

But that's not the only reason to jump up-and-down. Along with 2,000-square-feet of space, the duplex-configured layout makes the space more conducive to families and roommates. The bedrooms are located on the second floor and have a wide hallway entrance while the main living quarters are on the floor below. The unit also includes a back deck and out back there's a large brick patio (that's shared with other tenants).

Location-wise, this apartment is on the western edge of Lincoln Park, which means the privileges of Lake Michigan are a car ride away versus a walk out your back door. However, this spot is closer to other fun areas that have cropped up further in-land along the lakeshore, such as Bucktown, Roscoe Village and Wicker Park. About a block away, there's Wrightwood Park, a substantial city space with basketball courts, playground and a running track.

No need to throw down money for that backpacking trip through the European countryside this summer. With this Southport Avenue apartment, you can have ambiance at home -- and still have enough money for the security deposit and a bottle of fine (imported) French wine.

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