American Idol Star Experience: New singing game with Facebook hooks

american idol star experience
American Idol's ratings might be tanking (and the show's curmudgeon Simon Cowell is moving on after this season won't help either), but that doesn't stop the big corporate marketing machine from cranking out yet another game tied into the TV show.

This game in question -- American Idol Star Experience -- is a downloadable PC game that lets players create an avatar, choose a song to sing (using your own vocal stylings or a pre-recorded track) and then pull everything together with choreography, stage lighting and special effects. Once you're done creating your performance, you can upload it to the game's official Facebook page, where others can chime in with critiques and an overall rating.
american idol star experience-share performance

Our take? Why this game doesn't just live on Facebook remains a mystery, and we can't help but wonder how many Idol fans feel passionate enough about the TV show to actually download this game, do the work and then put themselves out there for potential public mockery.

Right now, the official Facebook page has 100-some-odd submissions, so maybe 'Star Experience' will hit the right note for some (albeit a note we can't hear). Look for the game on May 26, the same night as the Season 9 finale.
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