What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

With a German distributor settling over toxic Chinese drywall, and the Greek economy impacting American mortgage rates, it's been a week of internationally flavored news here on HousingWatch. Read on to see what else was hot.

1. Actress Kate Walsh Lists Los Feliz Home at a Loss
Maybe they should call it "Loss" Feliz. With median home prices down by a third in the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood, actress Kate Walsh isn't the only homeowner taking a hit. Read more.

2. Massachusetts' Most Expensive Home, Ever: Is It Worth It?
Housing crisis? What housing crisis? A property on Boston's South Shore has just hit the market for a whopping $55 million! Sure, the price includes an entire harbor, but wow. Read more.
3. FICO Credit Scores Lose Some Legitimacy, Thanks to Court Decision
Although good news for one credit score provider, a new court ruling could mean greater confusion for borrowers. Learn how to make sure you know which score matters to lenders. Read more.

4. Gulf Oil Spill: Sending Beach House Renters to Texas?
Along with its unfathomable environmental impact, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could damage Florida tourism. See why summer vacationers might head to Texas instead. Read more.

5. Chinese Drywall Maker Reaches Settlement
The first of more than 200 lawsuits stemming from last year's Chinese drywall controversy has been paid out by a German exporter who put the material on the American market. Read more.

6. Mortgage Rates at This Year's Low, Thanks to Greek Chaos
The recent Greek economic implosion has sent shockwaves around the world -- the latest being a slight dip in American mortgage rates. Is it a bright spot, or a red flag? Read more.
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