Tiki Resort releases huge new set of 2nd island buildings

Tiki Resort release new buildings
Tiki Resort release new buildings

Tiki Resort has released a rather large set of buildings today for those who have a second island. While the new in-game newspaper (The Resort Report) states that 32 new buildings were added, we only count 19. These items are all across the board, including some Latin wonders and a few other random genres of decorations. Most of these buildings require Facebook Credits, so Tiki Resort is not a cheap game to play if you want the latest and greatest buildings. Here is the list of new buildings:

Cotton Candy Stand
- 98 Facebook Credits
Wild Pony Ride - 49 Facebook Credits
Carousel - 39 Facebook Credits
Playa del Buffet - 6000 coins
Sharky's Jewelry - 8000 coins
Punta Bungalows - 13,000 coins
Magic Shop - 33 Facebook Credits
Adobe Eats - 48 Facebook Credits
Two Holes Kayaking - 58 Facebook Credits
Balloonport - 67 Facebook Credits
Aero Surfo - 58 Facebook Credits
Mission Santa Clara - 78 Facebook Credits
Acapulco Dawn Hotel - 112 Facebook Credits
Squid Roe - 118 Facebook Credits
Quarrels Fishing - 124 Facebook Credits
Carlos Karaoke - 146 Facebook Credits
Historical Ruins - 149 Facebook Credits
La Cucaracha Club - 170 Facebook Credits
Spa Del Sol - 197 Facebook Credits

The Cotton Candy Stand, Carousel, and Wild Pony Ride are all limited edition, with anywhere from 2500 to 23,000 remaining. The rest of the buildings appear to be permanent additions to Tiki Resort.