Sports games on Facebook leave the playing field wide open for FIFA Superstars, Madden

facebook sports games
facebook sports games

On Facebook, anyone can virtually raise pets, run theme parks, own restaurants, plow farms, head up a gang, and, well, if you think of it -- there's probably a game for it. However, there is one huge game genre that Facebook game developers seem to have difficulty tackling -- sports.

We've seen merely a handful of sports game pop up on the social network, and they've mostly shown us the vast potential for games on Facebook. The three biggest sports games currently on the platform haven't exactly enthralled the masses, leaving the playing field wide open for EA/Playfish and ESPN/Playdom, which have both announced they're planning to fill in the gap with FIFA Superstars and a other brand-name sports games.

We take a closer look at a few of the bigger sports games on Facebook: Gridiron Life, Bola and MMA Pro Fighter. See how they stack up after the jump >