'Selling New York' Episode 10: Just Build Another One


If you can't sell it, suggest they build their own. That was the refocus of HGTV's "Selling New York," on last night's Episode 10 entitled "Property Hunters."

Finally, it dawned on the CORE Group brokers and GHK Realty's Kleier crew that with so little inventory for sale within the high-end market, and no one buying what is available, the best way to get big dough from those needy, wealthy investors is to facilitate the building of that dream home themselves.

With "Build It Yourself New York," as we'll call it today, we are taken once again out of Manhattan. This time it is to the less-frenetic and more suburban Brooklyn, to check out some truly to-die-for Italianate brownstones, courtesy of CORE. Then we travel with the Kleiers way out east, to the pricey and hoity-toity beach towns in the Hamptons.

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