FishVille Treat Rack: New buildable rack unlocks Mystery Food

FishVille treat rack
FishVille treat rack

FishVille have debuted a brand new feature tonight - the ability to create a Treat Rack. While they hinted at the treat rack a couple of days ago, we guessed that it was a storage feature or an aquarium stand. Unfortunately, we were incorrect. That will teaches us from making wild guesses in the future! Anyway, completing the Treat Rack will unlock special Mystery foods. This feature was just released, so we don't have the full details on what new Mystery Food you can unlock just yet. Here is the scoop on how you build your Treat Rack.

To complete a FishVille Treat Rack you need 30 different supplies. These supplies can be received from your friends as gifts, or you can buy each part individually for 1 Sand Dollar each. The Treat Rack requires the following supplies:

- 5 Labels
- 5 Lids
- 5 Shelves
- 5 Jars
- 10 Nails

You can also request these gifts from your friends individually to get all of the pieces you need . We will be providing the full details on all of the Mystery Foods that you can receive through your newly finished Treat Rack, but in the meantime, you have lots of building to do.