YoVille: New Collections Mystery Box and Chinaware gifts


YoVille are on a roll today, with new items being released every time we turn around. In addition to the new collectibles and luxury kitchen items, there are now four new gifts to send to your YoVille-playing friends.

The Collections Mystery Box offers random pieces of the puzzle collection that is currently going on in YoVille. Of course, this means that if you're looking for that one last elusive piece to complete your collection, you may have to open many of these mystery boxes to find it. If you send the Collections Mystery Box to your friends, chances are good they will send you one back.

There are also three new Chinaware pieces, including a teacup, bowl, and plate. Many players are upset that the China Plate is now available as a free gift, since it was previously a rare item obtained from a mystery box. This China Plate has been selling for a pretty penny, and now players are upset that something rare and expensive is now readily available to everyone for free. All of these delicate pieces of fine china are highly detailed and will look elegant in your pad.

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