YoVille: Build a new free collectible soon!

yoville gold wall fountain
yoville gold wall fountain

This is an official post by Zynga's Platinum Ninja.

We've got a new Luxury Collection Puzzle on it's way to YoVille for you all to complete It will be very similar to the previous puzzle collections we already have but let's find out how it is going to work...

How do I collect Puzzle Pieces?
We will be adding a new Luxury Mystery Gift to the Free Gift Page. Get your friends to send you these items!! Once you receive one, make sure to open it There will be a chance that this item will drop a Luxury Puzzle piece, as well as Enchanted Puzzle Pieces. (Please note that we will be removing the Enchanted Mystery Gift from Free Gifts Page – However don't worry, if you continue to open them they will still drop Enchanted Puzzle pieces)