'Tough as Nails' Episode 7: Bathroom Blowout

Have you been catching the latest episodes of HGTV's "Tough as Nails"? The show follows the exploits of Cindy Stumpo, the self-proclaimed "best builder" in Boston. She runs her own company, and needless to say, she's tough as nails! Besides juggling her business and demanding clients, Cindy's also juggling her personal life as a single mom. That makes for some craaaaazy reality TV conflict.

"Come on guys, prepare to work!" Cindy says in the opening credits after applying lipstick (showing the dichotomy between being both a female and a boss of a contractor crew). Go get 'em Cindy.

This week's episode: It's Marble Madness. Here's what happened ...
Cindy and her team are working to complete a high-end house on B Street within two weeks. But there's a problem: 7,000 square feet of marble has to be laid. The major conflict, which becomes the crux of the episode, is an argument between Tal the tile supplier and Nair the marble guy.

Look out! The two are nearly coming to blows over the layout of the ornate bathroom's soap dishes. This argument goes on for a good 10 minutes of the show.

Cindy agrees that the tile in the bathroom isn't "popping." More problems occur when the marble guy hurts his hand, which puts him out of commission for three days. Yikes!

Meanwhile a new potential client wants to have his home demolished in order to have a new 6,000-square-foot house built in its place. He is shown two different layouts. He ends up choosing the more spread-out design. Hurray, Cindy has a new client!

Still, there is the battle of egos between the tile guy and the marble guy over the 10-inch soap dishes. Cindy talks to them like they were little kids, confirming that it's like babysitting grown men all day long.

In the end the bathroom looks great! Conflict resolved.

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