Social City releases Maple Forest terrain and new house

Social City Maple Forest terrain and A-Frame house
Social City Maple Forest terrain and A-Frame house

Social City has just released five new items to help you build a cottage in the woods. If you visit the build tab and navigate to the terrains section, you will find four new Maple Forest terrain layouts. You can mix-and-match these layouts to make the perfect forest for your expansive city. The third A-Frame House has also been released, and this is the first one to cost City Bucks. We're not sure if it's worth the additional cost, because it's the exact same size (1x1) as the other two A-frame houses and doesn't really look that much different. In fact, it has one less tree attached to it. If you're looking to collect all of these A-frame houses, you'll want to buy this one despite it costing 10 City Bucks. Here is the list of new items:

A-Frame House 3 - 10 City Bucks
Maple Forest 1 - 15,000 coins
Maple Forest 2- 15,000 coins
Maple Forest 3 - 5,000 coins
Maple Forest 4 - 5,000 coins

What do you think of these new Social City decorations? Will you be creating your own cottage in the woods?

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