Is Print Dead? Magazine Jobs that are still Available at Major Publishing Houses

Print media isn't dead, it's just going through a rebirth. So if your dream is still to land a job in the publishing world, don't consider that dream DOA just yet.

There are still jobs opening up at publishing houses across the country. The trick is knowing what to look for and making the right connections to get your foot in the door. The other key to breaking into the publishing industry is determination, so keep in that mind when submitting a résumé to any of the jobs below.

1. Editorial Assistant

Important players in the publishing world, editorial assistants know the business inside and out since they get a chance to learn from the best. The downside is that an editorial assistant is also the hardest working, yet lowest paid role, in publishing, but once you land this entry-level position you'll be able to move up the corporate ladder a lot easier.

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2. Online Editor

Print publications are putting a lot of time and money into their online editions, so online editors are needed to make these new media ventures successful. Besides writing skills, online editors are expected to have some HTML knowledge and how to build an online community. The most stable job in publishing, an online editor is also in the best place to make connections since they will be working with both the online and print teams.

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3. Graphic Designer

Between print magazines and online magazines, graphic designers are needed to crate eye-catching designs. Magazines are hungry for readers and for advertisers, so graphic designers are often pulled into big projects that involve both the print and online editions.

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4. Sales

While publishing houses are still thinking of new ways to promote both their print and online magazines, there's a lot of pressure on sales executives to keep the money rolling in. The sales team needs to have general knowledge about the magazine and production, but also be able to incorporate sales techniques to build up revenue.

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5. Freelancers

Whether in graphic design, sales, editorial or web developing, publishing houses love freelancers. A freelancer means not only will you get the work done but you'll save the company on extra costs such as overhead and benefits. If you have already started your career in the media, consider becoming a freelancer and you'll always be working on new, different projects at various publications.

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