PetVille releases a Cafe World Diner Hostess Outfit

PetVille Diner Hostess Outfit
PetVille Diner Hostess Outfit

PetVille released a huge set of Cafe World Drive-In Diner items the other day, and now they've added an adorable Diner Hostess Outfit to the collection. This outfit consists of large pink glasses, an adorable cherry hat, roller skates, and a pink cherry dress. This entire outfit is available for Pet Cash, but you can also buy it for coins if you have at least 15 neighbors. We think 15 neighbors is a bit high, but it's fantastic to be able to have access to cute outfits without requiring real money. Here is the lowdown on this cute outfit:

Diner Hostess Cherry Glasses and Hat - 4,000 coins or 12 Pet Cash
Diner Hostess Cherry Outfit - 6,000 coins 19 Pet Cash

To get this limited edition outfit, visit either the Furniture Store or the Clothing Store in PetVille.