The Five Most Popular Outdoor Jobs

Outdoor jobs are highly coveted for many reasons, mainly because working outside is a welcome respite from uncomfortable buildings with their halogen lights and cramped work spaces. For many workers, the idea of being outdoors, breathing in fresh air and working with their hands is a much happier and healthier option than slaving away in front of a computer for ten hours.

These five positions are the most sought after in outdoor jobs, be it for their wages, uncommonly superior work environments or type of work they specialize in:

1. State Park Ranger

Many of the state and national park guide positions are government jobs, hence they offer government grade benefits and pretty good job security. On top of being outdoors most of the day, a state park ranger is required to tend to the operation of the park, manage program activities, and perform law enforcement duties.

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2. Travel/Tour Guide

Tour guides usually work for tourism companies and lead groups of people on all types of tours. These ventures can range from the seemingly low-impact like leading a city-wide bike tour to the more strenuous, such as leading a three-day hiking tour or white water rafting. Travel guides need to have an expertise, be in peak physical condition, and have a love for travel.

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3. Firefighter

Firefighter positions are also government jobs and therefore carry many of the same benefits as most government positions offer. Firefighting jobs are extremely dangerous and physically demanding. They require an intense screening and training process in which many applicants are weeded out.

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4. Construction Worker

Construction workers typically work for contracting companies and spend the majority of their day onsite at the construction location. Jobs in construction are typically dangerous and require workers to handle and be around dangerous materials like asbestos and lead, and also to work in high and unsafe places. Forty hours a week is typical, although the schedules can vary and require overnight shifts.

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5. Commercial Fisherman

Commercial fisherman typically work in port cities and spend long hours at sea. Hours tend to be erratic, and the labor is usually exhausting. Individual positions can vary from working the deck and operating machinery to captaining the ship.

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