Five Online Career Quiz Sites That Will Help You Define Your Calling

career quizThere are plenty of online quizzes to waste your time with, from which Jonas Brother you should marry, to what kind of animal you were in a previous life. But the one type of quiz worth your time is a career quiz.

An online career quiz can give you an idea of your interests, your ideal workplace environment and even career paths you should consider. But there are also plenty of online career quiz sites that are really set up to get your personal information so they can send you spam instead of providing you with legitimate information.

Here are five online career quiz sites that we put to the test to decide if they will help you on your quest to find the right career path:

1. Princeton Review

One of the best sources for information on colleges and universities, the Princeton Review features a free, 5-minute Career Quiz. The quiz really takes less than five minutes with just 24 questions that have only two answer options each. The Princeton Review Career Quiz starts off with the user choosing between two different career paths, such as "artist" or "bookkeepers." Even if you are sure you don't want to have a career in either of these fields, pick one that would suit you best. The quiz continues with questions about how social you are in a large group and your ideal work environment.

The results of the quiz are split up by your interest and your usual style, both represented by colors. For example, if your interest color is blue, you are more creative. If your usual style color is yellow, you also like a workplace environment that is orderly and structured. Based on these two colors, jobs that are featured in 'The Princeton Review "Guide To You Career' that you can pursue are then listed so that you can research each career path.

2. Career Path

A subsidiary of, offers a free career test that presents the user with twenty four pairs of statements, from which the user picks the one that most appeals to them. Once you answer which job you would rather take or how you communicate with others, the quiz results pinpoint which activities you enjoy and what your strengths are.

The quiz then lists which career choice options are popular for professionals with your interests or work style and then redirects you to other quizzes you can take to further discover which of these jobs is best for you based on your skills.

3. AOL Jobs

The Best Job For Your Personality Type Quiz will help identify which job is best for you. The test, inspired by The Myers & Briggs measure, will uncover what your predominate personality traits are, such as "ISTP: Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving." Jobs that would be of interest to you are then listed below, and link to a job board where you can start applying right away.

4. Monster

Discover Your Perfect Career Quiz identifies your personality type, such as an "Intravert, Intuitive, Thinker & Judger," and then lists careers that are not only popular, but satisfying, for people with that type of personality. Monster then gives you a chance to start applying for these jobs with their job board.

5. Career Planner

If the idea of a free online career quiz doesn't seem like something that would truly direct you onto the right career path, try Career Planner. Their Career Test has been recommended by numerous career coaches. For a fee of $24.95 or $29.95, you can find out your interests, possible career paths and how to pursue each job.

Not only will Career Planner offer you a more accurate report than a free online quiz, but they will also identify what kind of work environments you should avoid.

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