What they don't teach you in college: How to quit Facebook

How to quit Facebook
How to quit Facebook

There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the ethics of Facebook's privacy policy. And it seems there are just as many critics as supporters. Popular opinion ranges from folks criticizing the social network's corporate approach to user information as lucrative marketing fodder, to defenders of the popular page -- who assert that what you share on Facebook is up to you.

As Internet users want to avoid scams, rip-offs, and hackers, the debate has spawned an Internet-wide conversation on the topic and even inspired new social networking sites, such as the open source network, Diaspora to pop up on the Web. A top 10 list for reasons you should quit Facebook appeared earlier this month on Gizmodo.com, and there is a campaign called Quit Facebook Day with committed quitters counting down to the last day in May.

Still, many Facebook users remain loyal.