Home Canning Helps You Eat Safely and on the Cheap

learn to can foods yourself and enjoy many benefits
learn to can foods yourself and enjoy many benefits

Move over, wacko survivalists. Canning your own food is coming to the masses ... even the urban ones.

Do you want to stockpile the bounty and flavor of goodies from the farmers market or your CSA membership? Live more sustainably? Save money? Or perhaps most importantly, avoid scary commercial chemicals such as bisphenol A? You can see there's more than one reason to learn this "old-skool" skill.

Be forewarned that taking to "putting up food" isn't like taking up knitting. Canning requires you to brave two frontiers: pressure cooking and successfully avoiding botulism. Because, you know, botulism is colorless, odorless and will kill you -- half the fun, right?

Seriously, canning food isn't so hard. Heck, even your grandmother can do it. So, if you're ready to learn canning, let's hear a rousing shout of "yes, we can!" and get started.

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