Free downloads: Black Crowes, Moby, 'Glee' soundtrack stream


Ten free and legal downloads sure to strike the ear of the cash-strapped college student.

1. Underworld:
Dance duo Underworld's most visible contribution to the scene came via its soundtrack-stealing role in "Trainspotting," which featured the club classic "Born Slippy." Though that was a decade ago, the group hasn't lost sight of current trends--and connects with an entrancing rave-up for the next generation that's going to give equally enduring peers The Chemical Brothers a run for their computer-programmed money.

2. The Black Crowes:
"Good Morning Captain"
When Chris Robinson (pictured) and his brother Rich aren't feuding, they're making some of the best retro-rock strewn with psychedelic influences since the hippie era. The group dives deep into the southern blues for a live version of this barnburner from its latest CD "Before the Frost ..." Listeners would best be served by lighting a stick of incense before digging in.

3. Moby:
"Gone To Sleep"
Considering he's generally relegated to the electronica bin, an acoustic track by Moby might not appear all that desirable on paper. But as this performance from NPR's "Project Song" proves, the DJ can also tackle the singer/songwriter mode with pop sensibility and lyrical substance, as interpreted through the airy vocals of Kelli Scarr.