FarmVille Toggenburg Goat Game Bar Incentive

farmville game bar incentive
Many FarmVille players have been downloading the Zynga Game Bar this week because of the 25 FV$ offer. If have not been able to take advantage of that offer, login to FaceBook on one of the recommended browsers and then click this link.

A similar offer is now being reported. FarmVille Freak Rainexel came across the following popup but unfortunately did not recieve the bonus offer, the Toggenburg Goat.

It seems that this offer is still in the works but will be coming our way soon. The Toggenburg Goat will be a new addition to FarmVille, a lot of FarmVille Freaks will certainly be trying to get their hands on one as soon as the offer goes live!

Do you use the Zynga/FarmVille Game Bar?

This article originally appeared on FarmVIlle Freak.
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