FarmVille releases new Heeler dog and Tuscan decor


FarmVille released an update tonight that included one special surprise - a new breed of dog. In addition to a slew of new Tuscan-themed items, there is a new Heeler breed of dog available for Farm Cash as well. The next set of Tuscan items is a fairly small set, but larger than the initial few that we saw two days ago. There is also a Tuscan Green landscape that will transform your entire terrain to a new kind of grass that looks more of a pale green. Here is the list of new items:

Tuscan Pool - 22 Farm Cash
Blue Umbrella - 2,400 coins
Green Umbrella - 2,400 coins
Yellow Umbrella - 2,400 coins
Lawn Chair - 1,200 coins
Oak Tree - 4 Farm Cash
Alberto's Shop - 42 Farm Cash
Angelo's Books - 38 Farm Cash
Heeler - 65 Farm Cash

We're not exactly sure how umbrellas translate to a Tuscan theme, but they're still a nice addition to our farm. What do you think of these new Tuscan items; are they better than the last set? Tell us what you think in the comments.