FarmVille Crops: Basil & Cucumber

FarmVille Crops: Basil & Cucumber
farmville cucumber
farmville basil

FarmVille has added two new permanent crops to the FarmVille Market- Basil and Cucumber.

Since these are permanent crops, Crop Mastery will be available for both.

Basil seeds make an appropriate debut during the Italian Tuscan limited edition theme since basil is a staple of Italian cuisine. Basil seeds can be purchased for 300 coins, take 10 hours to grow and yield 400 coins with a profit of 100 coins and 1 XP.

Cucumber seeds can be purchased for 290 coins, take 1 day to grow and yield 450 coins with a profit of 160 coins and 2 XP.

Will you plant Basil and Cucumber seeds on your farm?

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