FarmVille 7-Eleven Neapolitan Cows, Big Splash spotted in the wild

farmville neopolitan cows spotted in the wild

As soon as the 7-Eleven and FarmVille promotion went live, we start noticing Neopolitan Cows and the Cow Pools appearing on people's farms. The black, white and pink cows can only be acquired by buying FarmVille-themed ice cream at 7-Eleven, and the code redeemed on the Web site. If you buy the FarmVille-themed Super Big Gulp, you can redeem the code for the cow pool, aka 'Big Splash (see image below).

farmville cow pool calibunny

Images courtesy of FarmVille fan

Which, if any items, do you want the most in this FarmVille/7-Eleven promotion?

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