Apartment Guru: The Passive Aggressive Roommate

passive agressive roommate advice
passive agressive roommate advice

Dear Apartment Guru,

My roommate is really passive aggressive. She decided one day, for no discernible reason, that she hates me. There was absolutely no discussion about why, only the slamming of doors and cabinets when I walked into rooms and notes left on the refrigerator including the following:

Dear Dirtbag,
Not sure your mom ever explained to you that garbage doesn't take itself out, but turns out, it doesn't. If you ever use the garbage can in the bathroom again -- I will dump your dumb fingernail-polish remover-covered toilet paper onto your pillow. Promise.

This is one of many. I don't know what to do since she won't talk to me. I am tiptoeing around here now and avoiding her. I can't afford to move. What can I do?

-- Accused of Dirtbagginess