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Russia's Aeroflot Airlines has been named the deadliest airline by the Aircraft Crashes Record Office, a Swiss-based website that records plane accident and fatality statistics.

Aeroflot had the highest death total per operator of all commercial airlines, with a total of 8,231 fatalities. Air France ranked second with 1,783 passenger deaths in its history.

Airlines with Highest Death Totals

• Aeroflot: 8,231
• Air France: 1,783
• Pan Am: 1,645
• American Airlines: 1,442
• United Airlines: 1,211
• TWA: 1,077
• Avianca: 1,012
• Indian Airlines: 944
• Turkish Airlines: 901
• China Airlines: 853

Source: Aircraft Crashes Record Office
Air France's safety record has been heavily scrutinized due to several incidents, including last June's flight 447 from Rio to Paris which broke apart and crashed into the Atlantic. All 288 people on board were killed. While the cause of the crash is still unknown, investigators have found that cockpit flight computers were receiving incorrect airspeed readings. Air France has since replaced speed probes on other jets.

While many foreign carriers made the list, American Airlines ranked fourth, with 1,442 fatalities, and United followed directly behind with 1,211 deaths. The list also includes defunct carriers like Pan Am, which operated for over 60 years before collapsing in late 1991.

The list concluded with Delta Air Lines at number 63, with only 308 fatalities in its history. Major domestic carriers not mentioned in the list due to low fatality rates include AirTran, JetBlue, Southwest and Continental.

These totals are gathered over the history of each airline and are not entirely indicative of each airline's safety. For example, American and United both make the list in part due to the attacks on September 11, 2001. Other airlines may have higher totals due to operation size and duration.

To see the entire list visit the Aircraft Crashes Record Office's website.
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