My Empire Cheats & Tips: Six easy ways to get ahead

my empire cheats
My Empire charged onto Facebook in mid-May, and the city-building game plays like a stripped down version of Civilization combined with familiar social elements -- gifting, visiting friends' cities, etc. Your mission: Turn your secluded village into into a powerful empire, using army of building-creation tools and research paths. Of course, building an epic city is no easy task, so we toiled in the hot (virtual) sun to bring you these six tips that will you stay ahead of the historical curve.
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1. Always be in the pursuit of happiness.
The point of My Empire is to grow your empire's size, so building residential houses is important. However, you won't get credit towards your population numbers unless they are happy members of your town, so it's key to have your happiness numbers hover at or around your capacity. You can do so by plopping down decorations or anything under the happiness tab in the build menu.

Pro Tip: Outside of the free-to-build structures, newbies should focus on creating farms and decorating their empire as they give you the most happiness for your buck early on. You might have to replace some later when space becomes an issue.
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2. Manage your time wisely.
One of the more frustrating parts of My Empire is the inability to interrupt tax collection and restart at a smaller interval. Because you lose your taxes if you don't return within a certain time limit, it becomes very important to think about when you'll be back to playing My Empire. We suggest setting the five-minute tax collection for when you know you're going to be actively playing and the 10-hour interval for right before leaving for work or going to sleep, so that by the time you get back, you'll be all the more richer.

Pro Tip: The game rewards you for being an active player: ten five-minute tax collection periods equals the amount of gold coins you would get from a 24-hour collection period; and it can be done in just under an hour. Unless you're going away for the weekend or something along those lines, it's recommended to stick with the short bursts of gold goodness.

3. Make sure to have friends with benefits.
While it's important to have a stable of Facebook friends playing alongside you in pretty much any game, they serve a dual purpose in My Empire. For one, you receive a bag of money from visiting each friend's empire on a daily basis, the amount depending on how many markets you have built. Friends also allow you to erect the free buildings like the Village Temple and the Village Court.
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Pro Tip: Unless you have three friends already connected with you in the game, don't bother laying down those buildings as they just take up space. If you need some friends to get you started (My Empire is a new game after all), head over to their official wall and you'll find plenty of people ready to partake in some empire-building. Just make sure to create a Facebook list and jigger your privacy settings unless you want strangers all up in your empire tips

4. Most roads lead to nowhere.
While it's a free option under your decorations tab, laying Village Roads does not do anything tangible in terms of your game stats. Unless you can't live with the thought of your citizens walking around in goat poop all day, it's best to use that space for population- or happiness-increasing buildings. You'll unlock the Town Road and Village Pavement later on which give happiness and fame, so hold off.

Pro Tip: If you're into aesthetics, play around with your decorations to make some great-looking patterns, like our own water fountain-laden flowerbed. (It's also +45 in happiness!)

5. Don't "top off" your earnings by creating smaller buildings.
You just spent your day's allotment of gold coins and might have around 150 leftover. Rather than blow it on a simple residential house, save it for a rainy day. Those mini-transactions add up later on when you'll need space for other, more efficient buildings, so hold off until you have enough money to buy better stuff.

Pro Tip: Huts are a great starter buildings to create when you're just beginning to increase your population, but cut them off once you unlock the Lodges. They output three times the amount of population in the same four-by-four space.

6. Be an Academic empire stonehedge
The first available wonder available for construction, Stonehenge, won't need anything outside of some savvy tar trading in order to complete. But, later on, you will need to unlock some of the higher-level production mills in order to get some of the materials needed for the level 9 and above wonders. This is done by constructing the Academy, which unlocks the ability to research new theories like the Code of Laws and Prospecting and, in turn, allows you to build further. Wonder buildings greatly increases your fame and it's the fastest way to level up your character.

Pro Tip: Upgrade to the Code of Laws first as it will unlock the Town Hall which increases the amount of tax money you receive. In My Empire, money equals happiness.
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