Mafia Wars Cheats & Tips: InfinityMW toolbar for Chrome

infinity clan mafia wars toolbar for chromeHey Facefolks! It's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know.

Today's topic is tool bars, specifically the Infinity Clan's brand new Mafia Wars toolbar that works with Google's Chrome browser. Much like the official Mafia Wars toolbar, this unofficial toolbar offers an easy way to keep an eye on your mafia's activities directly from your browser -- and then some.

Now, Mr. Cheats always likes to find a shortcut or two when it comes to games, but Mr. C thinks that this toolbar tip should come with a few disclaimers. This Mafia Wars tool bar is not the official Mafia Wars toolbar, which can be downloaded here. There are also some risks with downloading 'unofficial' software, i.e. opening yourself up to spyware or worse. Also, hacking into Mafia Wars using this tool might get you banned from the game.

If you decide to move forward anyway, the toolbar must be downloaded and then accessed from the top of your Chrome browser. To put it to use, open the Mafia Wars game, then open the tool to gain access to all kinds of time-saving shortcuts, such as using one-click to do the following: collect gifts and boosts, complete jobs faster, promote friends to Top Mafia, links to additional resources and more.

Some recent changes to Mafia Wars has made the tool a lil' wonky, but the crew behind the scenes says most of the problems have been fixed. If you run into any problems, give them a shout on their message boards.

If you still want this toolbar -- despite the risks -- download it below and turn your Mafia Wars racket into a finely tuned crime machine.

InfinityMW Toolbar for Chrome
InfinityMW Toolbar for other browsers

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