'Home Rules' Episode 10: Reclaiming the House From the Kids

HGTV's "Home Rules" is all about having life coach Fran Harris enter some young couple's life and help them resolve their personal problems before a construction crew resolves their home-renovation woes. It's one of those fantasy TV shows where the family at hand always walks away in the end with both conflict-resolution and a beautifully remolded home.

Makes you kind of want to vomit, doesn't it?

Basically all the families problems never extend beyond anything Dr. Phil couldn't resolve on a bad day. I'd love to see an extremely dysfunctional clan on "Home Rules"; the kind that would erupt in a couch fight on "The Jerry Springer Show." Maybe they'll amp it up next season, in the meantime, here's what happened this week:
This Week's Episode: A Couple Sheds the Legacy of Their House to Make It Their Own!

The Setup: Alan and Genelle have problems. Having to manage a habitat filled with small kids, their place is a mess. Their closet looks like a shoe museum. Their guestroom is littered with clothes. And to top it off, this is the house that Alan grew up in, so there's a lot of sentimental value. His grandfather even helped to lay the bricks for the fireplace.

There's a huge clutter issue and Alan is not willing to cut the apron strings from his mom and let go.

Fran help these poor people!

The Prescription: Everyone's favorite home-improvement life-coach jumps in to save the day. Her goal is to make the couple's house feel like their own.

She has the pair go through all the clutter in their home in order to get rid of everything that really isn't needed. It's a painful process as Alan has to throw out a lot of old childhood toys, but it's time to let go.

In order to have Alan contribute more and take control of the family, Fran has him organize a family photo shoot, which at first, is more than he can handle. Yikes!

Also, he and Genelle must work together as a team in order to agree upon the changes needed in the renovation of their home.

The Conclusion: It all works out!!! (Note all the exclamation points.) The contractors create a new space that is truly the couple's own. The kitchen is opened up. New walls are put in. The kids' rooms are moved to the downstairs area.

Most of all, Alan's grandfather's bricks are incorporated in the new living room design. There are squeals of delight as they take in the new home that's now truly their own.

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