Having a problem with a business? Consumer Ally can help

In addition to bringing you news of interest to consumers and information to help you to be safer and more prepared, we also like to help people who can use a little assistance dealing with a business. In each case, we'd like to think folks will learn a bit more about how to deal with these sorts of issues.

Jean Chatzky, the Today Show's personal finance editor, will be fielding questions for our Help Me WalletPop! feature. Please email us at helpme@WalletPop.com and let us know about your predicament. We'll pick the emails with the broadest interest, try to sort out the situation and then publish the results.

We at Consumer Ally also welcome story suggestions about issues affecting consumers. If you see something that doesn't seem right to you, let us know so we can dig into it. Just email Consumer Ally@WalletPop.com.