Happy Pets: NEW! Dulok pets inspired by Shrek and Star Wars

Happy Pets Dulok Swamp Orge Pig, Princess Orge, Dulok Donkey, and Dulok Kitty
Right now, I'm convinced that whoever came up with this new Happy Pets set is both a very bitter Star Wars fan and a total nerd. Because who else is going to remember this obscure animated monstrosity from the 1980s? But reading the Wookiepedia has enlightened me as to how such Shrek-looking critters were christened the name "Dulok". Turns out, Duloks are a sort of 'dark elf' version of the good-natured Ewoks. Both look equally ridiculous, but the Duloks are an uncouthed and unethical race, live in swamps and share a swampy color scheme to boot -- hence, the sickly green, brown, and grey colors of the Dulok Happy Pets.

As far as the actual pet names go, the Dulok Swamp Ogre and the Princess Ogre are obvious nods to Shrek. The Dulok Swamp Ogre is the most expensive of the four, being 118 Facebook Credits, which is about $12 USD. This is probably because it's a size XL creature. (Note: Happy Pets introduced size as a breedable trait with its Catzilla debut.) The rest of the animals are 88 Credits, or roughly $9 USD each.

Princess Ogre is a size L, which means it's 1.5 times the size of a normal pig. Dulok Donkey (being Shrek's Donkey) and Kitty (a shoo-in for the Puss In Boots cat, voiced by Antonio Banderas) are both a size S, or 75% the size of their normal counterparts.
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