'Field of Dreams' Movie Site in Iowa Listed for $5.4M

How much could movie-location fame raise the price of a piece of real estate? That's the question Iowa residents might be asking themselves. The titular field from the 1989 Kevin Cosner movie "Field of Dreams" is for sale in Iowa for a hefty $5.4 million. A huge markup from similar properties in the area.

The $5.4 million includes the movie's "If you build it, they will come" baseball diamond, plus the 193 acres of farmland that surrounds it.

For good measure, they'll also throw in the 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath house used in the movie, two souvenir stands and six other farm buildings.

Who would pay that much in Iowa, where, according to the Des Moines Register, most farm property is sold to neighbors?
Maybe some of the 65,000 tourists who make the trek to see the field each year where Cosner and Ray Liotta played a mean game of baseball. If purchased, owners Don and Becky Lansing can expect a hefty payday.

A survey by Iowa State University showed the average value for top-quality land in Dubuque County, where the field is located, coming in around $4,685 per acre. The Lansings are asking a whopping $27,979 per acre (but of course their offering also includes the home, baseball diamond and six farm buildings). And of course there is that souvenir stand. You'd have to sell a ton of T-shirts to make up for that price hike.

But maybe, "if you build it and put it in a movie" they might pay over-inflated prices.

Kevin Costner was privately offered first dibs to buy the famous corn-filled property but reportedly turned it down.

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