Add mystery to your Treasure Isle with new Lost decorations

Treasure Isle Lost themed decorations
Treasure Isle Lost themed decorations

It isn't often that Treasure Isle gives us all new decorations to play with, but tonight they have released a small collection of items from the popular TV show Lost. Unfortunately, most of these items will require Island Cash except a small supply crate, but it's still nice to have new options to purchase. If you don't watch the television show Lost, you might not understand what these decorations mean - but that's okay, because neither do the people who actually watch it. Kidding aside, the Crashed Plane and Supply Crate will still make good generic decorations even if you're not a huge Lost fan. Here is the list of the new items in this limited time release:

6-Toed Statue - 22 Island Cash
Mysterious Hatch - 28 Island Cash
Crashed Plane - 35 Island Cash
Supply Crate - 250 coins

The Lost finale is next week, so these items are not likely to be in the Treasure Isle Store for much longer. Log in to Treasure Isle to check them out before they are...LOST...forever.

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