Wild Ones: New pets headed to the battlefield

wild ones new pets
In the comments of just about every post on the Wild Ones Facebook fanpage, there are players calling for new pets to be released.

Currently, players can choose to be a dog, rabbit, monkey or panda, all pictured above. But for fans who unlocked all the pets long ago, the selection of four is getting stale. Wild Ones has listened and as a result, is planning to release the first in what we hope is a number of new pets.

Keep reading after the link to take a look at the newest pet warrior to join the crew: the cat.
wild ones new pet cat
This is no ordinary cat. This kitteh feels most comfortable with a weapon in hand and the smell of explosives in the air. Above is a shot released by Wild Ones of this perhaps not so happy tabby. The image shows us that Wild Ones' new cat can be cheerful, angry, and snarky. Also, remember each animal has a special ability. We can't wait to see what the cat has in store.

Make sure to check back here, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as the cat is available for purchase. All we can do now is hope we can pay with coins.
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