SPP! Ranch embraces glamour with new fashion theme

SPP Ranch Glamour Theme
SPP Ranch Glamour Theme

SPP! Ranch releases items each Wednesday, and today's items are really, well, interesting. The new "Glamour & the Ranch" theme is all about fashion and beauty, and seems like an absolutely odd theme for a ranch farming game. Kudos for creativity though, as we're sure that this is probably the first time a beauty theme has made it's way to a ranch. There are many new items in this theme now available in the new tab of the SPP! Ranch store. Take a sneak peek at this fashionable theme:

SPP World Fashion Show Stage
- 75 gold
Dreaming of Shoes - 15 gold
Designer Plushie - 40 gold
Dressing Up Plushie! - 35 gold
Typing Writer Plushie - 35 gold
Pink Sparkling Fence - 5 gold
Pink Sparkling Fence Corner - 5 gold
Green Sparkling Fence - 5 gold
Green Sparkling Fence Corner - 5 gold
Shoe in the Cloud! - 20 gold
Rooftop Cafe - 4500 coins
Rack of Dresses - 350 coins