Ranch Town finally gets its first set of three decorations


If there is one thing that most Facebook games are never short of, it's decorations. Customizing your farm, city, or home is a huge part of the fun about these dollhousing style games. You can express your creativity by arranging your own personal space just the way you like and then show it off to friends. Meteor Games' new Ranch Town game has been sorely lacking in this department. Granted, it's a new game, but it launched with no decorations whatsoever. That seems a bit strange to us, but thankfully they have just released a few.

There are only three new decorations, a Saguaro Cactus for 500 coins, a Bale of Hay for 150 coins, and a Barrel for 250 coins. These are fairly generic items, but at this point we'll take just about anything to differentiate our ranch from the next. They're cheap, so you can always use multiples of these items to create something unique.

The machines in Ranch Town are nice for functional purpose, but we want ways to truly customize our ranch. Hopefully more decorations like this will be coming soon, because we really enjoy the art style of Ranch Town and would be happy to spend more time there if we felt like it was "our own". There are still under 300,000 monthly active users for Ranch Town, which is not too surprising considering a lack of momentum with releases in the game during its first month.

What do you think about the new Ranch Town decorations? What would you like to see next?