PetVille Drive-In Diner theme gives a taste of Cafe World


Zynga just loves to do cross-promotional themes between their games, and now they're just released a brand new one. In PetVille, you can now decorate your pet's home with Drive-In Diner items, featuring dishes from their popular restaurant game Cafe World. The last theme that was released was the Johan's Candy Shoppe which was great for our sweet treat cravings, but this new diner theme fills us up with delicious savory favorites. If you are a Cafe World player, you'll recognize many of these entrees and snacks from that game, but even if you don't play Cafe World there are still a ton of worthwhile new items. Here is a glimpse at what is in store for PetVille players who wish to decorate their kitchen Cafe World-style.

Old School Cash Register - 4,000 coins
Open Neon Sign - 10 Pet Cash
Diner Counter (Pink) - 7 Pet Cash
Diner Counter (Red) - 5000 coins
Diner Counter (Green) - 5000 coins
Diner Stool (Pink) - 5 Pet Cash
Diner Stool (Red) - 3500 coins