Pet Society Hipster Hair

pet society hipster hairI'm in London this week and I've noticed a lot of hipster types with razor cut hair that falls over one eye. So how fun it is to see the Asymmetrical Wig in Pet Society! This wig, sold in the Clothing Shop for 1300 coins, is so cute on some pets, we have to give it 5 paws out of 5.

We love how it's unisex and makes our pets look like Adam Lambert or Rhianna.
adam lambert and brianna
We also dig the two new dyes at the Hair Stylist, in shades of plum red and dark purple. To change the color, remember to wear the wig when you go to the stylist. You must have at least 2 Playfish cash in order to preview the color. Then click on the dye that you want for instant celebrity hair.
hipster hair dye

This article originally appeared onPet Society Anonymous.
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