Brownstein: Invest Six Dollars and Land a Job

Copywriter Alec Brownstein landed a job by purchasing the names of the creative directors he dreamed of working for on Google AdWords for 15 cents per click. Whenever they Googled themselves (not an uncommon practice), Brownstein's ad popped up. Here is what it said.

"Hey, (creative director's name): Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun too."

He included a link to his website so the creative directors could find out more. And they did. All but one of his targets called him. This unconventional method of job search landed him four interviews and two job offers and now he works for Young & Rubicam.

Brownstein's strategy worked because it made him memorable. He was not one of hundreds of candidates applying for a position via a job board or company career portal. He wasn't sending in a resume to be sliced and diced by an applicant tracking system. He was going around the gatekeepers and right to the decision makers. And he proved that he is human, funny, clever, resourceful, and willing to take a chance. After investing $6, he has a new job. Learn more about his story here:

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